Andy Porter
Our Story

If we’re honest, this isn’t something either of us ever expected to find ourselves doing! Before being introduced to this business we were both working successfully in conventional roles, in fields that we’d chosen and enjoyed. I loved working in the Rail industry and Cass was making the very best of combining her creativity with her ‘geekier’ side as Technical Author - writing user manuals for all sorts of software and hardware. So you’d think we were happy, wouldn’t you? But we weren’t!
Cass had really struggled for years with the long hours sat, sedentary, at a desk - under pressure to meet deadlines! The work always came first - at the expense of everything else, but this was very rarely recognised or rewarded at all. It just meant that even more was expected the next time!
Unsurprisingly, Cass’ health was suffering. Change was needed - but we felt trapped - we needed both incomes to meet our financial commitments. Then I was made redundant and things went from bad to worse! The recession was biting hard and the absence of consistent work for the next couple of years really destroyed his confidence - and created big financial worries!
Having battled to find a balance, Cass realised a full-time desk job would never leave her sufficient time for enough exercise and good nutrition to be fully healthy. We were still trapped and really needed her full-time income, so what could we do!? Thinking she could incorporate the exercise and good nutrition into her working hours, Cass retrained and became a successful Personal Trainer - initially alongside the full-time job.
It worked! Cass became fitter and healthier, and the work was really rewarding. However, having to work when her clients weren’t at work themselves, meant very early starts and very late night finishes - which was just exhausting! The balance still wasn’t quite right… but we didn’t realise then that we already had the solution!
Just as she started out as a PT, Cass had received a phonecall inviting her to look at a business opportunity. She immediately declined, dismissing it as an unwelcome distraction from the new PT business! But, because the invitation wasn’t pushy, she felt comfortable to meet the lady who’d called her and take a look at the products. She instantly loved them, became a customer, and joined the company a few months later - purely to get a discount on all the products she was buying.
I was extremely sceptical and tried all he could to prove it was scam! But, over time, he secretly tried some of the products, and eventually had to admit that they are really good. We both began to look more closely, but very sceptically, at the business opportunity - and eventually we attended a company convention, to learn more. We saw lots of ordinary people all making a better life for themselves - by helping other people to do the same. This really caught our attention… and then I saw the business plan and became very excited about the possibilities for us!
So we decided to take it more seriously and began taking baby steps in building our business, and doing a lot of personal development work. We still have further to go but, so far, we’ve become totally debt-free, and realised our dream of having a place by the sea - in the sun, after 15 years of trying to find a way! We now have a very happy, healthy, balance alongside our continued, rewarding, hard work, and we’re really excited about the future!
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